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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Good Eats!

We are back from our vacation to Sanibel.  It was a very eventful trip that I will post about in the next few blog posts...(in between chasing Harper, feeding kids, trying to clean up the house, watering flowers, doing laundry, running errands, etc...) Here are a few pictures to remember the most important thing of any trip- FOOD!


No...really I mean


This was the first restaurant we visited.  It was also the only restaurant we revisited during our vacation. Olivia had a cheeseburger- of course.  Michael and I had blackened tuna sandwiches both times.  They were served with fries that I doused in Malt Vinegar.  Delicious.  We also ordered oysters on the half shell during both visits.  The oysters are really the highlight of any dinner that we have on Sanibel.
 We didn't eat at the Mucky Duck but couldn't resist taking a picture in front of this very popular Captiva restaurant.  People flock here to watch the sunsets on the beach. 
 We had to visit the Bubble Room for some picture opportunities.  This is a fun restaurant---but so, so, so, so crowded.
 RC Otter's was Olivia's choice.  She remembered it from our last visit to Sanibel and begged to return this time.  I think she ordered another cheeseburger. Shocking! But-- she loved eating outside on the deck, playing the ring game, and dancing to the live music (even though she was the only one).

We visited many other restaurants that I did not get to take pictures of during our visit.  We also enjoyed eating at Cheeburger- Cheeburger, East End Deli, Island Cow, Sanibel Fish House, and Hungry Heron.  As always the food was good even if the time spent at the restaurant was on the crazy side. With a tired 8 year old and a super busy 17 month old, there were times when I spent more time in the waiting area than at the table eating my dinner. Live and learn- I guess.

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