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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Today was the first day of soccer practice for Olivia and Team Revolution. I think she was more excited about dressing in her soccer gear and having a water break than playing soccer. Our friends loaned us the cleats and shin guards (which are required-thank goodness). Michael and Olivia went out today and picked cool soccer shorts and socks. The practice was very amusing to watch. Olivia did a great job listening to her coach, dribbling the ball, and kind of guarding the goal. She only sat down and picked in the grass two or three times!!! I don't know if we have a soccer champion on our hands----but at least she looked snazzy and had a FUN time!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Holiday World

This post is quite tardy. I have not had enough hours in the day lately. These are pictures from our trip to Holiday World with the Wells' family at the end of the summer. Olivia had a great time. We spent our morning at the park and our afternoon at Splashin Safari. Olivia was not scared of any of the rides at the regular park. She rode the spider, the kiddie dragon coaster, the soaring eagles, the carousel, and drove the cars. We would have ridden more rides but the lines were LONG!!!!

After lunch we visited the water park. Again the lines were very long for the slides so we played at the big bucket park and the wave pool most of the time. However, Olivia, Michael, and I did ride one of the big slides called the Zinga. It is a four person slide with large rafts that takes you down turn and dips. It then spits you into this large toilet bowl things that spins you around into a pool of water. Olivia was really a bit under the height requirement for the ride but managed to slip on anyway. The raft we all rode in had small holes for each person to sit in. By the end of the slide, the only part of Olivia you could see was her feet and hands. Going down the slide she slipped farther and farther into the hole. Her body was kind of shaped like a V by the end of it. Michael (who wasn't much help because he was screaming himself) and I basically held her inside her hole for 3/4 of the ride. Needless to say- she was not the happiest 4 year old when we pulled her out of the raft. All in all though she had a great and TIRING time! Can't wait for next summer.