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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Big Second Grader

Today was the first day of school for this brand new second grader. She was very excited to get to Union to see her friends and teacher Mrs. Walls. Olivia had a great day learning the ins and outs of her new grade.
What a cutie!

Good thing we had a sweater. It was a bit chilly out this morning.

Olivia had to take a picture with her favorite first grader-- Mr. Jacob Small.

Can you say C-U-T-E!!!! I love Jacob's "I'm cool" stance!
Olivia and Ava waiting in the gym for their new teacher!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Look Who's Sitting Up!

Look at this big 6 month old Harper. We tried the stroller in the sitting position tonight for the first time. Of course our little girl was such a pro sitting up and looking around during our evening walk. I am sure from this new position the world was so much more fascinating.
I just love these new milestones.... but I am sad about how fast they are coming. I just want to hit the pause button sometimes!