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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Outdoor Art

Olivia and I were outside the other evening messing around. She started coloring the inside of her hula hoop blue...at that point I was thinking "OHHHHHHHH! What a mess!" However, I ended up being incorrect. She continued exploring the yard for things to add to her Nature Friend. She used two hula hoops for the head and body, a leaf branch for hair, a tambourine for a nose, leaves for a mouth/moustache, a jump rope for arms, and rocks for buttons. She colored in the eyes, eyebrows, and body. So cute and creative--- and she did it all by herself!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Tea Party

Olivia had a birthday tea party today at Imagination Station. Julie set it all up for her, and it was wonderful. The girls all dressed up in fancy outfits. Julie had such great things planned for the party. The girls learned proper tea party manners, made a bookmark craft, listened to a special book about being 5, ate cake, drank tea (lemonade), and opened presents. It was so much fun!