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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

American Girl Lunch

My mom took Olivia and me to Chicago for Olivia's 6th birthday. The main reason for the trip was a visit to the American Girl Store. Before leaving we made reservations for lunch at the cafe. It was so much fun. Above Olivia and Kit (along with 100 others) are ready to be seated. They look mighty cute in the matching outfits that my mom made.
The waiters make sure to include the dolls when seating the party. Kit was given her own special chair and place setting. We were also so lucky to be placed at a great table right next to the window. Everything was so nicely decorated in pink, white, and black. The napkin holders are hair ties that we were able to take home as souveniers. The box in the middle of the table was a conversation game to play throughout the meal. It was filled with questions to ask and answer. Very cute.

Here is a picture of the cute cafe. The lights are made from pink flowers. The picture really doesn't do the sweet restaurant justice.

When we were seated a waiter promptly brought over warm cinnamon buns as a special treat! Yummy! Above is a picture of the appetizer platter. The big, doughy puffs were cheese stuffed pretzels....mmmm! I did not get any pictures of the main course, but it was equally as delicious. There were plenty of choices: salads, sandwiches, mini burgers, hot dogs, pizzas, pastas, and souffles.

Finally, the meal ended with a delicious dessert that we were too stuffed to eat. Our waitress sang Happy Birthday to Olivia and the whole cafe went quiet. Everyone clapped for Olivia and she got to blow out a birthday candle. There were a lot of birthdays that day, but it was special because Olivia's was the first one celebrated.

Of course this special lunch was only one part of our Chicago visit. In the next few days, I will post about Olivia's other adventures and her new doll she brought home. I didn't want to pour all the excitement into just one blog!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Turning 6

Today was the day! Olivia turned the BIG 6! We decorated the house with streamers and a banner. Olivia and I baked and decorated our first chocolate cake. We ate lunch at the Cheesecake Factory. The waiters even sang Happy Birthday and treated her with a chocolate sundae.
Olivia received a fishing pole, bubble wand, and a special Barbie. As I type this- she is enjoying decorating her new Barbie's clothes. From Mimi and Papa, she received a swimming cover-up, Hello Kitty sponge, and money to take to the American Girl Store. Next week- Nana, Olivia, and I will celebrate her birthday at the American Girl Store in Chicago. Turning 6 sounds pretty good to me....