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Thursday, July 26, 2012

2012 Bookmark Contest

For the second year in a row, Olivia pulled out her crayons and creative juices to enter the Bookmark Contest at the Franklin Library.  The bookmark had to be drawn about the theme "Dream Big- READ!"  Olivia and I racked our brains for ideas that fit into the theme.  Last year it was a piece of cake....but this year she was down to the wire and still did not have a solid idea.

After a few tries this is what she came up with....

 So cute! 
 It's a BIG dragon with a person riding on his back dreaming of all the things she is reading in the book she carries.  The dragon looks like he has popped out of the big book at the bottom.  The bookmark had to include the words---DREAM BIG- READ!
 So...since Olivia won last year's bookmark contest, we prepared her for not winning this year.  Even though I thought she had a great bookmark, I was positive that she would not get picked again.  I had also been informed that there was a lot more competition this year than in the past.


 (Please excuse the direction of the following photos.  I couldn't figure out how to rotate them once they were placed in the blog.)
 We received her congratulatory letter today in the mail.  She was so excited.  We can't wait to see her winning submission actually become a real bookmark that will be distributed to all readers at our public library.  We can't wait to see her winning submission become a real bookmark for the second year in a row.  Yeah Olivia!

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FrancisMoore said...

Way to go, Olivia. Congratulations. Love, Nana